Mute transition: unexpected behavior

We have a c50_family with this mute history:

_id: "6c8c2423-973d-429c-a810-d503855575d6",
_rev: "5-58dab749bf7767f7b1aa158e3fc72d04",
muting_history: {
server_side: {
muted: false,
date: "2024-02-09T21:59:25.645Z"
client_side: [
muted: true,
date: "2024-02-09T21:03:19.798Z",
report_id: "086e48fd-1bcb-470e-af51-d772bfec9ebb"
muted: false,
date: "2024-02-09T21:03:51.637Z",
report_id: "1b6b8afa-b05c-4a3c-99d7-e02e3e58e990"
last_update: "server_side"

since it doesn’t have a muted variable, we get muted null, the c50_family is not muted.

But the problem is that the first mute of id="086e48fd-1bcb-470e-af51-d772bfec9ebb" is a mute_clinic data_record, and it is the unique mute_clinic data_record of the family, so the c50_family (old clinic) should be muted,
the second mute with id="1b6b8afa-b05c-4a3c-99d7-e02e3e58e990" is not a mute_clinic nor an unmute_clinic but an unmute_patient data_record, so the unmute_patient is unmuting patient’s c50_family

could this have another explanation or could be related to a wrong mute transition configuration ?

Hi @bamatic,

This is expected behavior, as you can’t have an unmuted patient under a muted clinic - muting cascades down to all contacts that have the muted contact as an ancestor in the hierarchy. So unmuting a patient will automatically unmute the clinic.