Multiple medic at docker


I am having some issue for conversion or new installation from 3.17.1 to 4.x.x on CHT.

It is possible to add another docker container for cht 4.x.x? Because right now, I cannot fully convert the CHT 3.17.1 due to we are still using that one on the production. But, we need to upgrade to version 4.x.x.

Is there a way to do it? As of now, what I am doing is, having another unit or laptop to install that 4.x.x on it, while on another laptop, I was maintaining the 3.17.1

Thanks for helping me on this issue.

Hi @Marcelo_De_Guzman

I believe the reason you cannot have CHT 4.x along with CHT 3.x is because they are conflicting on ports (80 and 443).
I believe that docker-helper will allow you to bypass this by assigning some random ports for the newly deployed CHT 4.x.

However I would not recommend to deploy multiple CHT instances on your production machine, simply because so many things could go wrong.

Migrating from CHT 3.x to CHT 4.x does require some small downtime in any case. If you are determined to migrate, you can assess what the migration downtime looks like for you by running a migration test on a different machine using a clone of your production data.

Hi @diana ,

Thanks for reminding me for this one.

For upgrading from CHT 3.x to CHT 4.x, is the database that I had doesn’t have a lot of changes, is that right?

Hi @Marcelo_De_Guzman

I’m not sure I understand your question. Are you asking whether the database config had a lot of changes?

Hi @diana ,

Yup. I have a doubt maybe there is some modification on the database? (couchdb or connecting to AWS) ?


There are some changes done in how we name CouchDB nodes. If you need to transfer data from a 3.x instance to a 4.x instance, we’ve put together a guide and a script to help with that: Migration from CHT 3.x to CHT 4.x | Community Health Toolkit