Multiple gateway for multiple health centers

Could we make a multiple gateway so that each individual health center can configure the gateway and send message from there authority rather then admin having the message gateway?

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What gateway are you using?

If you’re using the medic-gateway android app then I don’t think this is possible - the implementation queries the CHT API and gets all messages due to be sent with no logic or filtering for health center. The only workaround I can think of right now would be to use multiple CHT instances, each with their own gateway.

If you’re using RapidPro then I think you would be able to write the filtering logic in the RapidPro route to handle this.

Why is having a separate authority useful? Is it for separating the billing out, or having a different sender number, or some other reason?

Currently we are using CHT-gateway.
So scenario is we are deploying the application in low resources settings and for upper hierarchy like municipality and district health office to manage the cht-gateway is a a lot of convincing and other process. But instead of that, what if we could just configure the multiple head of health-post/supervisor’s mobile with cht-gateway so its easier for billing too and a they also get to send from the phone number respective to their health post.

Managing multiple cht-gateway phones is a pain, in part because the Android OS wasn’t designed for this, so it intentionally makes it difficult. The best practice we recommend is to set up an SMS aggregator because that handles much greater flow and doesn’t require the manual maintenance of the phones. Where are you working? Is there an aggregator available?

OK, so for now we need to have cht-gateway in a admin’s mobile.
We can close the thread. Thank you .