Missing profiles after moving contact

I moved a supervisor from one area to another area and when I logged into under the people tab, I could not locate the supervisory area profile, the supervisor profile as well as the catchment area profiles. I can only see the household list.

If I paste the supervisory area uuid on the url, then I can see all the missing profiles. What could go wrong here?

Are other supervisory areas appearing as expected? The moved contacts might have ended up with an incorrect hierarchy. Are you able to confirm that the lineage stored on the moved documents matches what is expected?

@derick, the moved contact in this case is the supervisor and I have confirmed that his lineage is correct. Other supervisory areas appear as expected.

Is there anything logged on your browser console?

Yes, it throws a Document not found error for the supervisory area uuid. However, if I search for the same uuid in couch, I can access the couch doc.

Hi @iesmail

I presume that you logged in (and downloaded all docs again) after you moved this contact correct?
If the doc doesn’t get downloaded, then I’m guessing it indeed has an issue with its lineage.

To close this post, the issue was that the medic user-settings doc wasn’t updated with the correct facility id. Once I updated, all the missing docs were visible.

Thanks @diana for your support on this issue.

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