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Hello community

I have some design questions that i would like to get some insights into on the messaging tab ,

  1. Currently when you scroll down on the messages to view the ones below the top message identification info seen below in the screen shot disappears , is it possible to keep this constant as you scroll down wards ?

  2. I it possible to open patient’s page from Messaging tab?
    For example in the screen shot below when you click on test it takes back to the entire facility ,we are looking for a way where we can toggle back to the patient profile page and not to the entire facility

Hi @cliff , I think the question closely matches with product or design categories. Could you please update the category to product or design categories for more visibility? and may be one of the teammates can provide more information.


Thanks Cliff for your questions. Unfortunately the placement of the contact info is not configurable, so it moves away as you scroll down. Also, the link is to the “place”, not the “person”, which is why the link goes to the associated place.

Since it is not currently configurable, I’ve moved the post to be a Feature Request with the UX-UI tag so that it gets the proper attention. It would be good to learn more about how you are using the tab so that we can make improvements.


thanks @niraj i have updated the category

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thanks @cliff. Would it possible to know more about how you are using the tab as @marc suggested? It would be very helpful for us to make improvements and enhancements.

thanks @marc we are exploring if these features were possible in the messages tab