Merge Patients and their records

Your Organization: Medic

Organization Type: Technical

What Other Organizations Would Benefit From This Feature: I-TECH

Describe the Feature: As a data user I want to ensure that all my patient records are under the same patient so that I don’t have exaggerated denominators and also to ensure that I can rightly identify who requires or should have been provided with what kind of care.

What “Pain Point” Does The Proposed Feature Address:
As CHT scales and there is need to integrate with other systems as well as cases where multiple users may attend to the same patient/contact the likelihood of experiencing multiple registered contacts for the same person are high. With the Cares project we have nurses registering patients as well as patient records being created from EMR data imports. We have cases of records for the same patient being created multiple twice and their records appearing as different people.

Proposed Solution:
We would propose having a feature that allows for merging of contacts which will then enable records from the different contacts to be under the same patients. This will need to have clear consideration on the contact hierarchy i.e. need to specify who the new record will be assigned to.

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Some examples on where this has been used

  1. Merge patient data Module - Documentation - OpenMRS Wiki
  2. The Data Management (Merge Patient Electronic Records) section on this page has an illustration on a GUI that is used to merge patients.


Hi @Philip_Mwago just wondering any suggestions or thoughts regarding the feature request?

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