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Medic mobile website feedback - forum link

I had a little problem with site navigation yesterday.

On the cht-core repo, in the About section, there’s a link to medicmobile dot org/tools

On that page, it’s not very easy to find the link to the forum. I clicked the link to Get Involved, and still couldn’t find it. It’s not listed under Contact from there.

If I click the link on the upper left for the home page of, there’s a link at the top to *join the online forum", but that doesn’t take me to the forum, it takes me to communityhealthtoolkit dot org, where there is a link at the top right for the forum (which does work), but presents a log-in prompt instead of allowing browsing as a guest.

My suggestion is that someone might want to review the navigation and possibly make some adjustments. :wink:


Hi @andy5995, thank you for the terrific feedback! Your timing is perfect, as we’re currently in the process of re-designing the Medic site. I’ve forwarded your suggestion to our team so it can be incorporated into the new plans. Thank you again!

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