Medic Mobile - App Settings: Language

Hello All,

I am doing a presentation in a francophone country. Need some help to quickly change app language settings for the purpose. Would like the changes to show in the phone app.

Kindly help with details on how to effect the changes.




Thank you for the question @Mutama. It should be possible to set this in a couple of places

  1. From the Language Settings configuration page
    You need to be log in as an admin user and go to the Hamburger Menu (Top Right)
    In version 2.x this should be under, proceed to Configuration > Languages
    In version 3.x this should be under proceed to App Settings > Languages

    Select the language you want and mark it as the default application language.

    Don’t forget to back up your application settings as this could be overridden in a
    subsequent app_settings upload that does not have this change.

  2. For the technically inclined, you could set this directly in app_settings.json by editing locale key using a valid two character ISO-code. This can then be uploaded using medic-conf


Just want to add to Derick’s response in case it helps you @Mutama, or someone else landing on this question later: you can also just change the language in the app for your currently logged in user.

These instructions for changing the current user’s language will work whether you are logged in with a computer or mobile device:

  • Go to the menu in the top right.
  • Click User Settings.
  • Click Edit user profile.
  • Scroll down and click on the Language option.
  • Click on your desired language, eg Français (French).
  • Click the Submit button.
  • You will get an message in your new language to reload the app. Click the blue button, eg Mettre à jour, to proceed.
  • Go back to the tab you want to continue using the app in the new language.

Note that the instructions say “click” but you may be using a “tap” with a touch device such as a mobile phone.

Here is what that would look like on a mobile device, highlighting with an orange ellipse where to click/tap for each step:


Thanks @marc @derick worked out perfectly!


@marc Hello there, I like your process breakdown to solve this issue. However, I have confirmed that we don’t have user settings menu for a standard user account…

Hi @kenasiago ,
In case you need to allow your standard users to edit their profile, and allow language settings or password updates, this can be done from admin portal. When you login as admin user in your instance, go to App Management through the Hamburger menu at top right. Go to Roles & Permissions. Click on Permissions tab and find setting called can_edit_profile and put check mark to the role name for standard users.

If you want this setting to be done through coding, this can be done by adding role name in this setting in app_settings.json. This needs to be deployed using cht-conf.