March 2022 CHT Round-up call recording and notes

Thank you for taking the time to join the March 2022 CHT Round-up call. It was exciting hearing from the community members about the great work we are all engaged in. Here is the link to the call recording and brief notes from the call.

1. Welcome and introductions
Krishna Jafa (@krishmedic), introduced herself to the CHT community. She joined Medic on March 1, 2022, as a Chief Executive Officer and she is excited to be part of the CHT community of practice. Drawing on her experience in health system strengthening, digital health innovation and complex global partnership, Krishna will continue to support Medic’s approach of building the capacity of partners and the Ministries of Health with the capacity to design and deploy open source software to help improve health outcomes in hard to reach communities.

2. Demo of playing Wordle in the CHT.
@jkuester demoed to the community how one can play the Wordle game in the CHwordle. In the CHWordle, he was able to highlight the new extra xpath functionalities like dynamic repeat function which will be coming out in CHT version 4.0. The CHWordle demo configuration is available here on github.

3. Jamii ni Afya app- DHIS-2 integration presentation.

4. CHT product and product management updates
a) Care and Allies updates.
The Medic product team would like to continue working with the CHT community to help make CHT the best it can be. These are some of the ways the CHT community can work with the product team to identify most impactful opportunities to make sure people can learn about CHT product initiatives and iterate:

  • Connecting with people to identify impactful opportunities, the team would like to talk more to users and App Developers to deeply understand more about their day to day activities and identify impactful opportunities. One of the ways opportunities and users’ needs can be identified is by doing a generative interview, here is an example of a generative interview.
  • Carrying out usability tests, the product team would like to ensure that initiatives that are built are really intuitive, easy to run and the best way to do this is to carry out usability testing for the various options. To carry out usability tests, the product team creates prototypes and tests the prototypes with users working in different contexts before the options are developed. Here is an example of a usability test.
  • Work with the community team to deploy, monitor and evaluate CHT features and initiatives so that we iterate and make sure the features are having the greatest impact possible.

Please reach out to the team if you would love to work together with the team to test some of the product initiatives the team is working on.

The Product team is also working on the best practice guide for on-boarding CHWs, here is the forum post of the on-boarding guide. The guide will support CHWs and other users to know where the data they collect ends up. Note: different solutions and not all solutions will fit for all the challenges.

b) CHT Product updates

5. Community introductions
A big thank you to the teams at SunyaEK and International Training and Education for Health’s Digital Initiative Group (I-TECH DIGI) for sharing your work with the CHT community.

  • SunyaEK, is a HealthIT company that supports Nepal government and non profit organisations to deploy open source digital tools. The team has supported the deployment of Bahmni/OpenMRS in Nepal and the organisation advocates for an integrated health care delivery model in a facility and community settings. Thank you @sanjay for sharing with the CHT community the great work of SunyaEK
  • I-TECH- DIGI, is a CHT contractor exploring using CHT for the two way texting intervention to support HIV treatment adherence and non clinical case management. Thank you @Beth and @cliff for sharing the I-TECH DIGI team CHT exploration experience with the CHT community and we are looking forward to hearing from you on the project updates in the near future.

It was great connecting with you all and we look forward to seeing you at our next CHT Round-up call on April 28, 2022.