Many problems with user management

Dear all,

I have many problems with the user management.

  1. I create users with a csv file upload. They do get created, I can see the users in the graphical interface, but when trying to login with those, the password, as defined in the csv, gets rejected
  2. So I try to upload a csv file again with the same (or a new) password, but cht-conf throws an error, that the user was existing already. It seems like you cannot use the csv procedure to update users?
  3. I delete the user using the graphical interface, but the user gets greyed out, so the entry is still kept in the db. This is therefore no solution to actually update a user with a broken password.
  4. I want to have simple passwords, which is why I use the csv procedure. I know I could modify the password over the interface, but first of all, this is time consuming for many users, secondly, the interface has requirements on password length, special characters, which we do not want
  5. I connect to the couchdb using Fauxton and delete all entries related that user, that I could find, but the user is still appearing in the graphical interface, greyed out. It cannot be recreated/ updated
  6. Upload of new users gets rejected because the ‘place’ would not exist, although I have created that place using csvs and I can see it via the graphical interface.

Can anoyone help me out with any of those issues?

Many thanks.

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Hello Raf,

To delete the users you can Fauxton to delete user-settings docs from the /medic db. That should allow you to try the user creation via csv again.

As for your first error of not being able to log in, please share any additional details for example were there any errors or warnings from cht-conf, cht-conf and cht-core versions.

Hello njuguna,

As of the first error, that was a mistake from our side (two people were working on the config simultaneously. Sorry for that!

For the Fauxton, just to be sure: If I delete the user-settings doc, the user is still visible (greyed out) in the app settings. But I do can recreate a user with his pseudo?