Mali - Bankass Security Situation and server performance

Hello community, I would like to share with you the situation in Bankass in the center of Mali and the reason why the server becomes slow between the 23rd and 27th of the month.

In Bankass, the center of Mali, extremist groups are very active at this moment. They surround populations, break bridges and communications, to kidnap all the people at the same time, and do not release the people until they deliver all hunting weapons and commit to fulfill the jihad.
Hunting weapons are removed since when jihadists attack a town, Bankass hunters are organized to attack them, causing them many casualties.
The problem is even more complicated because the jihadists mix with normal people in the villages and sometimes the hunters come to take revenge to a town, killing more innocent than terrorists.

The Bankass area is especially reluctant to surrender to the jihadists and jihadists make very frequent attacks in the area, entering to kill village people, burning the crops and destroying and stealing what they can.

It is the jihadists who have flown telecommunication facilities and left areas where Muso intervenes without even a telephone.

In this area of low connectivity, what we do is bring the phones to the main city of Bankass every 22 to 25th of the month to synchronize the téléphones.
Due to the strong insecurity in the area, we cannot bring them in small groups, so have to bring them all at once to make a single trip per month
In these days the server suffers a lot and when I try to access by web there are days that the interface is available but the contacts take a long time to is very difficult to add a user or to do tasks in the admin app.

Here is a video of the attack last month in Kani Bonzon, which is the main town of the Kani-Ende c20_health_area area of the c10_site Bankass in the mali muso app.


Thank you for sharing this @bamatic.
It breaks my heart to know that people in Mali are going through such hardship.

Your story provides a very clear example of why a specific replication pattern - where a large number of users need to replicate at once, in a limited timespan, that cannot be extended by any possible means - should be an expected use case.

We are planning to reiterate on the replication algorithm in the near future (this year), we will keep your story in mind and I’m hopeful we’ll be able to better serve uses cases such as this.


Thank you @bamatic for sharing so clearly and deeply the situation in Bankass.

Our community in Mali is important to us and we are very grateful for all you and your team are doing to keep it connected and running.

We appreciate greatly how you have found a solution that shows the true spirit of medic -tools for people who care.

As @diana has mentioned, it’s important for us to figure this out for you and others.

Please be encouraged at how important your work is; a clear example to everyone that we must silence the guns to ensure a peaceful and secure Africa.