Community Health Toolkit

Making it easier to identify at-risk people and high-priority tasks

We learned from CHWs in the PA pilot that they cannot easily see who their high risk patients are in the app. The only way to know who is at risk is to wait for tasks to appear for them in the tasks tab.

We are working on bringing higher visibility to at-risk individuals and high-priority tasks in the CHT by streamlining the visual language of icons to be easily scannable and to bring attention to items that may benefit from urgent or preemptive actions.

For the MVP we are including a condition card on the contact page to inform CHWs what types of vulnerabilities families and individuals may be at risk of, as well as labeling them with a yellow diamond. High priority tasks may also be labeled the yellow diamond.

Full exploration is documented in this ticket. Feedback welcome!


A really exciting and valuable initiative!

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