Looks like incoming messages only

Hello community,

We are trying out messaging for our project.
For this I configured cht-gateway on my Samsung phone (Android) and that seems to work.
I logged in to the CHT mobile app on my cell phone with the Community health Worker named “test messaging” and got the message “from medic to test messaging” which was sent by the admin user “medic” logged in on the web app. I was also able to send the message “from test messaging to medic” from the CHW’s profile logged in on the phone.
The problem now is that both messages are displayed as incoming messages (please see screenshot). This is the case on the medic user’s side and on the CHW user’s side.

On the medic user’s side, however, both messages are also displayed as outgoing messages (please see screenshot). But here not under the CHW’s username but under the telephone number.

Thank you for your help!

Hi @kev

Are you using different phone numbers for admin user / chw user / gateway?
I think this can be a source of confusion, where the gateway phone number is the same as the user’s phone number - which is not something that you would see in a real-life application.

Do you have access to two sim cards and devices, so your gateway and user have different phone numbers?

Hello @diana ,
Thanks a lot for your help!
Yes, each user has their own phone number.
Would it be possible for you to write me a short guide on what I should try?

I have the following items available:

  1. A playground environment on which I can create an infinite number of test VHW’s.
  2. Two tablets, each with a SIM card and phone number.
  3. A computer with the webapp.

If the messaging would also work without an SMS gateway via the Internet, that would have been a great help to us. But to be more user-friendly it would be good if the sent messages appear on one side and the received messages on the other side.

Hello @Kev

With just 2 devices, you can’t have two users unfortunately, you must use one device as the gateway (which also requires a sim). To have 2 users exchanging SMS, you’d need a 3rd SIM.

We also support two SMS aggregators that can replace gateway: Africa’s Talking and RapidPro (I believe RapidPro also has an app, that also requires a SIM).

Hello @diana,

thanks very much.
I think I was a bit unclear. I thought to test this we would only need 2 tablets. Of course we have more.
Please tell us how we have to set it all up.

Hi @Kev

I would start with using three devices with SIMs: one would be your gateway, and two would be users (that are configured to have the devices’ SIM phone number). Then you can use the messages tab to send messages from one user to another.

Please let us know if anything is unclear. Good luck!