Login user replication warning

We recently experienced a replication warning.
It occurred on the login user linked to the highest level person in our hierarchy when attempting to set their password (changing it from an SMS user to a credential one).

For context our hierarchy is:

  • NPO
    – DHO
  • Team Area
    – Team Lead
  • Indawo
    – CHW
  • Plot
  • Household
    – Member

The DHO is set as an offline user, per this thread, to just be able to see a specific NPO’s data.
They are tasked with fact checking CHW data every so often, more so as we start leaning into GPS verification, so they need visibility across the hierarchy.

Since this is just a simple password update, is this something to be concerned about?
What would the impact be when submitting as is?

I believe DHO’s will mostly be working from computers.

Hi @Anro

The password update has nothing to do with this warning, the system will check replication numbers for any user update from the admin app. It’s intended to defend against misconfigured users, who have too many documents and are at risk to have very poor device performance and could negatively impact the server.

Just as a note, this user can already see these documents, proceeding with submitting this request and changing their password doesn’t impact the replication numbers.

24.000 documents is not an extreme number for a supervisor with a strong device (the warning limit is 10.000), however if this number is of this magnitude along with aggressive purging rules for this user, it can have an impact on server performance.

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