Lineage filter in summary contact

In summary contact displaying lineage information, it looks like if lineage information end at the level of the place of the user. I mean, If I’m connected as an CHW at a health_center, I donot see a which disctrict_hospital I belong
Is there a way to configure this behaivor to allow to see all hierarchy lineage information till the root ?

Hi @bamatic

Offline users don’t have access to contacts in the hierarchy above their assigned place, and there is no way to configure this to happen.
There have been discussions around making places in a user’s lineage available for them, in conjunction with adding various workflow-relevant information to these places.

Could you please provide more details about your workflows and the potential use of the full lineage?


Hi @diana thank you for this
our places hierarchy is c50_family->c40_chw_area->c30_supervisor_area->c20_health_area->c10_site
Here in Mali, a CSCOM is a physical health center, the people living inside a c20_health_area have to be refered to the CSCOM by the CHW when the ilness can’t be managed by the CHW.
It will be usefull if the application let knows the CHW in a c40_chw_area in which c20_health_area is working.
When health areas are changed by the administration, we move the contacts to the new c20_health_area and it would be cool if the application could help us to let know the CHW about this change.
The same when new supervisor areas are added.
A supervisor have 15 chw_areas inside her supervisor_area, as time passes and the population grows, the 15 chw_areas become too much work for one supervisor so we add another supervisor_area and we move some chw_areas from the former supervisor_area to the new one and we need to inform the concerned chw that the supervisor area has changed

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Thank you for the details @bamatic

I couldn’t find an issue tracking this feature specifically, so I created one: Make facility lineage available for reading to offline users · Issue #7570 · medic/cht-core · GitHub