Language option does not display all values

I am on version 3.15 and I have encountered this issue many time while trying to switch language on CHV’s device. I have two language options (Swahili and English) but I only see one.

The current solution is to clear cache and log back in, which is not convenient. I am aware that I can also choose language on the login page, but that’s only helpful if I am setting credentials for a new CHV.

@iesmail Looking through the code, both the edit user modal and the login page use the same query to find enabled languages, so you should be getting the same list of languages. If you do clear the cache, select “Swahili” and log in again, does the translation work as expected, or does the app still show English? If not, I suspect the translation document isn’t replicating down to the phone properly.

Another option is that the login page is out of date, and the Swahili language has been disabled. Ensure that Swahili is enabled by looking in the medic database for a doc with id messages-sw and make sure it has a property of enabled: true.

Hi @gareth, when I login again and choose Swahili, the translation works. What I found out is that when I updated webview, the dropdown options were visible. So that’s how I am resolving this issue.

Glad to hear you resolved it! For more information do you mean you updated the Chrome browser on the device? If you can recall, what version did the device have before?

Hi @gareth,

I wanted to revive this thread again. Our initial assumption was that by upgrading the Android System WebView to the latest version, the issue would be resolved. However, we now see cases where even after upgrading WebView, the issue persists.

I also tried switching network but that didn’t resolve it.