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Job Opening: Senior Data Lead at D-tree International

D-tree International is hiring! We have an exciting new position for a Senior Data Lead, based in Zanzibar.

This individual will work closely with our program teams, technology team, government stakeholders, external research, technology and development partners, to help us and our stakeholders gain insights from the data collected in our programs and make sure this data is used by the relevant decision makers to strengthen the health systems we work in.

You have a love for data and are curious and inquisitive to ask the important questions our data can answer. You are excellent at communicating with technical and non-technical stakeholders, with data users and related stakeholders to make sure they have the right data at the right time. For example, you will help develop models that predict which children in a village will require additional support to reach their growth targets, before they are born. Your experience with data and information visualization helps you decide what are the best data presentations for different users and different questions. You have a sound knowledge of privacy and data protection issues, and related regulations and best practices. You have a sound knowledge of statistical and machine learning concepts and are comfortable discussing these with our research partners or build and evaluate our own models. You like working with non-technical stakeholders such as our program team or government partners to help them articulate their requirements and evaluate them once they have been implemented.

If this sounds like you, click here to apply!

The full job description can be found on our website, here.