Is there dummy data I can use to populate my new CHT app?

Hi, I was just talking with a friend who installed CHT-core with the default config on his machine. He wants to test a little more, but he hasn’t used a CHT app before and it’s a bit hard for him to see how it’s working without any data to populate. For someone who is new to the community and doesn’t have access to an existing data set, is there a dummy data set that they could upload for testing purposes? Is it possible to share the fake data set used in the CHT demo that Medic hosts?

Thanks in advance!

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The Uploading test data instructions in the easy install guide should help populate a fresh install of the default config, which is the ANC reference app.

For reference, this page is linked to from a couple places in the CHT docs, as well as the cht-core readme:

If you wish to evaluate the Core Framework, or you are a developer looking to create or modify applications built with the Core Framework, you can instead follow the easy deployment instructions, which will get the latest stable release running locally via Docker.

We should see where else to include this guide since it was not easily found… where were you looking for it?

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Solved, thanks @marc! I checked with my friend and this was the path he followed:

GitHub - medic/cht-core: The CHT Core Framework makes it faster to build responsive, offline-first digital health apps that equip health workers to provide better care in their communities. It is a central resource of the Community Health Toolkit., which linked to
cht-core/ at master · medic/cht-core · GitHub
this is the part where it would be awesome to have a CSV file sitting somewhere in github to import rather than the single command to add a row: cht-core/ at master · medic/cht-core · GitHub
I think I may have started somewhere slightly differently actually, but somewhere there was a link to the “developer instructions” and that’s what I followed.

I’m optimistic that the navigation and sidebar in the new docs site will make it easier for people to find the right docs when they’re looking to build a custom app using CHT Core, versus developing on CHT Core. Still likely to be some confusion though, so making sure we inter-link in the right places will be important.

Very useful. What was the process to create the CSV structures and fill it with data? Was it a manual process, or did you download a set of JSON docs from a demo instance and then converted these? I am asking because we’d thought about creating some dummy data for our app, based on our forms, task and target definitions, e.g. so that visitors have interesting and “beautiful” data to look at, instead of the more “ugly” data that you get when you e.g. share a demo account and people just input “asdf”-like data.
It’s not a frequent use case for us, and it’s no big deal to clean up an account or re-create some data, but if there’s a more convenient/automated way, could be interesting.

From what I remember is was written manually in a spreadsheet. Having the export format match the import format would be a great feature, and mentioned in passing here.

@Max, it would be great to follow up on this for prioritization.


@erika I know Caitlin and the DataKind team have a pretty steady stream of volunteers who might be willing to help out with a project like this–creating an as-good-as-feasible fake data set for testing, and making sure it’s well documented how it was made and can be used. Does this sound like something worth following up on with them, or one of the CHT community’s other data science collaborators?