Is there a way of changing the order of the Tabs of CHT

Is there a way of changing the order of the Tabs of CHT?.. There is an ask to have have the “People Tab” as the default tab that a user sees once they open the app rather than the Tasks Tab

Thanks for the question @pkitutu !

Currently, there is no way to change the order of the tabs, but you can hide tabs if you’d like.

What is the use case to change the order of tabs?

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Thanks the response @mrjones
So we currently have 3 Tabs ie Tasks, People and Targets…
Currently, when the user opens the app, they see the Tasks Tab by default… so they asked that they see the People Tab on opening the App rather than the Tasks Tab. So that is the request…

It may not necessitate changing the order of the Tabs, as long as it is possible to change which Tab shows by default on opening the app.
@sue can provide more context and the background to this request. Thanks

@pkitutu - Thanks for the details - I’d love to hear from Sue what the use case is to show a specific tab first!

Unfortunately, aside from hiding, there’s no option to set a default tab.

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@mrjones the request came from the VHTs in alignment with the training provided and HH visit workflow.

When a VHT is visiting a home, they first interact with people and this is what the app should be mapped to, ideally. Secondly, while a repeat user is more familiar with the different tabs and is unlikely to have an issue knowing where to start once in a HH, a new user finds it hard navigating to People’s tab when the default tab is tasks. Having the People’s tab as the landing page is more intuitive and aligned with the user’s (VHT) journey map

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This is excellent feedback, thanks @sue ! Tagging in @michael to capture this input from the field.

Thanks again!

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@sue at what point does a “new user” become a “repeat user” (ie when would you want it to revert back to showing the Tasks tab first)?

Also, there has been some discussion around having a “Home” screen. Would this help?

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@michael It will be awesome if we can have the People’s tab as the landing page for both new and repeat users but what will even be more fantastic is having the Home screen as the landing page! Would be nice to get feedback from partners on this and get going!

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@michael, I shared this with our program manager and they really liked this layout. Would be interesting to see how the CHVs will react to it but am positive that they will find it useful.

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@sue … considering it will be some time before we work on the “Home” screen (it’s one of the last steps in the overall evolution), I was thinking of some other alternatives.

When users are registering households, will they need to do any tasks? Or do they go and register all households first before they do anything else? One thing you could do is just not show the Tasks tab at all for these users… and once they are no longer a “new user”, you could show the Tasks tab again. This is controlled using the can_view_tasks_tab permission.

@michael new users register HH members first and proceed to do actions which generate tasks. Hiding the task tab is a good alternative. However, can we have the task tab automatically show when an action triggering a task is completed? Such that the task tab will only show when there are tasks to be completed and stay hidden if no tasks.