Is landscape mode supported in tablets?

I noticed that the app always opens in portrait mode on Android phones and tablets even though the device is already in landscape mode before starting the app.

Is it possible to use the app in landscape mode on an Android tablet?

Currently I think the answer here is no, this is not possible.

Essentially cht-android has locked the views in portrait. However this is not the desired behavior and there is an open issue to support rotation.


Josh is right, but I thought I’d add some context here.

As is says on the issue, the reason the Android app is locked to portrait is because we found that rotating the screen forced a complete page reload which can take some time on slow hardware. I haven’t tested this for a while so it’s possible that the cht-android 1.0.0 resolves this with the switch to Webview for rendering.

In the meantime, a workaround would be for a specific Android flavor to overwrite that setting to lock it to landscape if that’s more appropriate. This would mean you could have two apks - one locked to landscape for large screen devices, and one locked to portrait for small screens.