Is it okay to assume that if users don't have telemetry entry for particular day, they didn't open or use the app?

I am analyzing some user telemetry from the entry in medic-users-meta database and if I don’t see entry for particular user for particular day, can I assume that they didn’t use the app on that particular day ? The environment is in CHT 3.14.2.

@yrimal - Correct! As of 3.12.0, CHT now aggregates telemetry on a daily level. If there’s no entries on a particular day, then no one used the app that day.

Thanks to @diana for answering this in in another thread :wink:


Thanks @mrjones , we ran an analysis with one of our deployment and it appears that even though CHWs submitted reports on some days, there was no telemetry entry for those periods. This could probably be caused by 7606 or 7616.

Thanks for filing the ticket @yrimal !