Is CHT master have version 3.13?

CLI command
git pull origin/master for cht-core

cht --version
INFO 3.7.0

cht-core/release-notes/docs contains the release notes

Expected Behavior
I expected INFO 3.13.0


  • Instance: NA
  • Browser: (eg: Firefox, Chrome, incognito mode, etc, which worked, which didn’t)
  • Client platform: Windows
  • App: cht
  • Version: 3.13.0 I thought

Additional Context
do I have to pull the 3.13.0 branch ?

Running cht --version is running cht-conf which you would have installed via npm

The master branch of cht-core is in flight to the next version. Are you looking to run cht-core?

(oop - I see Nick responded as well - I’ll post mine too since I was just about done when he posted)

Hi Jim! The cht command isn’t actually what version of cht-core you’re running, but which version of CHT App Configurer.

In the the main CHT Core repository, if you’re on master you’ll be in the right place to make commits to our repository and test out bleeding edge versions. This will actually be newer than 3.13.0.

If you’re looking for stable releases of the CHT to test your configurations on, we encourage you to run the Local Setup. This defaults to CHT 3.9.0, but it’s easy to login and then go to App Management > Upgrades and choose which ever version you want to use, including 3.13.0.

Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like (this instance was already upgraded to 3.12.1):

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That helps, but each time I create container(s) it uses the image specified in docker-compose

I am assuming this is why I get 3.9
Is the medic-os image built to/with cht-3.13.x ?

I looked at
Upgrading CHT Core from 3.6.0 to 3.9.0 using medic-OS - Technical Support - Community Health Toolkit
So it is unclear whether it is simple as using a new image?


Jim - For creating an instance from the medic-os docker image, it will indeed always start on CHT 3.9.0. When rebooting a container all your data, including any upgrades, will persist across reboots though. To get you on to the latest 3.13.0 version, you can follow the steps I mentioned.

The forum post you cited is a specific workaround for getting older, pre 3.9.0 releases, updated to 3.9.0. Current versions, starting at 3.9.0, can be upgraded in place as described above.

Thank you, apparently I messed up my little test.
This is a really nice feature

Jim - awesome - happy to help! Let us know if you get stuck somewhere else.