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Integrating the "art" of health promotion counselling into CHW apps

Hi all, We are working on this guidance package for digitizing growth, monitoring, and promotion (GMP) service delivery. The challenge with GMP is that the promotion part is often not done very well so we are looking to have an application that guides the CHW through suggested counselling topics based on certain information collected such as the child’s growth status, recent illnesses, dietary diversity, meal frequency. What we are struggling with, however, is how not to make the sequence of questions feel like a survey but promote dialogue with the caregiver and child.

Therefore, I am wondering if you know of any resources or guidance (or perhaps have experience you want to share) building in counselling modules in CHW applications for specific health topics. Thanks in advance for any information you can share!


Thank you so much for your post, @cvillella, and welcome to our community! I’d encourage you to take a look at our Research team’s publications, particularly around our early childhood development work. I’ve linked one example from our mThrive project here and I know @Francesca will be following up with a few more resources on designing for dialogue between caregivers and children around health topics – and broader community engagement efforts in care coordination supported by digital tools.