Improving baseline health facility data in support of COVID19 with and openstreetmap

Updated georeferenced master lists of health facilities (public and private) is a key intervention of the COVID-19 response.

The Healthsites team recently validated 396 health facilities in the medical district of Saint Louis Senegal.This upstream data validation process supports the Ministries MFL, makes the validated data available to all stakeholders and develops Geospatial capacity in support of the Ministries mandate.

The method:

  1. Identify priority attributes from the emergency health user stories.
  2. Local OpenStreetMap users visit facilities in the field to validate the data attributes.
  3. The validated data is updated in OpenStreetMap

We’re interested in running further campaigns in Francophone West Africa.

If you have data you’d like to share with the community through OPenStreetMap we can support you.

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Saint Louis, Senegal - Emergency Health Data Validation : driving the development of baseline health facility data in OpenStreetMap with priority emergency health user stories has improved the quality of health facility data in the medical district of Saint Louis Senegal. It is an open source platform with support for OpenStreetMap and interoperability between information systems. #health #data #quality #openstreetmap #facilities #opensource #medical

The OSM History eXplorer presents this data quality improvement by doing an exrtinsic data comparison with WHO data published in ‘A spatial database of health facilities managed by the public health sector in sub Saharan Africa’ Maina et al. 2019 ohsomeHeX - OSM History Explorer