If there a way to specify language in the public privacy-policy page?

I am following this guide to add a privacy policy to my app:

I like that the privacy policy is also available publicly.

Privacy policies are now publicly accessible rather than only being available after logging in. This means it can be shared with third parties, for example, app store compliance. If your instance URL is https://my-health-facility.org, then the privacy policy is available at https://my-health-facility.org/medic/privacy-policy

Now, I have this problem:

  • The default language of my app is set to Nepali.
  • Now the public privacy policy is also shown in Nepali language.
  • Play Store does not accept privacy policies written in Nepali language.

Is there a way to force the public privacy policy to be shown in English regardless of the app default?
Maybe: https://my-health-facility.org/medic/privacy-policy?lang=en


Create a test account who’s default language is set to english and it’ll show in english.
This would be the account that is shared with the play store reviewers to test your app.

@binod I don’t think there is, but it would be a great addition. Can you raise an issue for this?

As a workaround for now I believe you can use any URL or possibly even inline text content for the privacy policy on the play store listing.

Thanks @derick

Google says:

You must link to a privacy policy on your app’s store listing page and within your app. Make sure your privacy policy is available on an active URL, applies to your app, and specifically covers user privacy.

I’m not sure whether we can rely on the cookie to give the privacy policy in English for the Play Store testers, especially when it is accessed outside the app context:

Thanks @gareth.

I have added an issue here: