Html formatting in forms

One of the great features of CHT is that you can use html to format the output inside forms, as opposed to native ODK that only comes with markdown.

However, not all html formatting seems to be possible and I did not find anything in the docs. Could you point me to what is possible and what not? Currently, some html tags, especially in questions are ignores (see picture).

If I remember correctly, on current versions of the CHT the markdown/embedded-HTML only works in note fields. (So you cannot use it in the labels of normal questions.) I have seen a pattern in some forms where they will add a note with the formatted question text like you are trying to do here and then have the next field be the actual question with NO_LABEL as the label text so when reading the form the note is read in place of the actual question label.


Also, for the record, this is changing in CHT 4.0 when markdown/embedded-HTML will work in the labels of all questions and not just note fields.