How to upload/view changes after valid TLS certificate


I have been struggling to upload/view changes after I install the valid TLS certificate. For example, I made some changes in forms and now I want to view those changes in (I replaced with my ip). For this purpose I use the CHT command convert-contact-forms upload-contact-forms.

But for some reason, I do not see any changes being reflected. However, I can see the changes when I use localhost in CHT command instead of

Can someone please advise what am I missing? @mrjones @Jennifer_Quesada

Hey @niraj - thanks for posting your question!

The TLS certificate shouldn’t affect your ability to view changes. Are you running two instances of the CHT via docker such that one is on port 80 and another on 443? Are you getting any errors when you run the command against the CHT with a TLS cert?

thanks @mrjones. I was able to resolve it. I created a new project with following:

mkdir [app_name]
cd [app_name]
npm init
cht initialise-project-layout

But it did not find scripts folder to run ./scripts/ command for TLS certificate. So, I ran the command in cht-core project folder instead. I am assuming I mixed things up so there was an issue. Now, I copied the script folder from the cht-core to my new CHT project folder and re-ran the command. Now, I am able to view the changes. Is this the right way or would we expect scripts folder to be created on initialization?

@niraj - that’s great news! Thanks for letting us know you resolved the issue.

You’re correct that when cht-conf does not create the scripts directory. Note in step 3 we have you clone the cht-core repo and in step 5 we request you run from the scripts directory there.

If you want to automate setting up a CHT dev environment, consider running the CHT Docker Helper script!

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