How to Show/Hide person/community profile

Is there a possible way to show/hide person / community profile?

as of now, we are having an issue with duplicated preload person/community.

And one of my suggestion would be show/hiding the profile.

Is that possible ?

Hi @Marcelo_De_Guzman

I’m seeking clarification ion your question. You wish to hide persons from the contacts lists?

duplicated preload person

I’m not entirely certain I understand this. Do you actually have duplicate contacts? Do you know why this has been happening? Can you safely delete duplicates or do you have to go through a data merge to achieve that?

Hi @diana , yes we do have a lot of duplicates on the contact list.


  • this was only a few. but we have a total of 4,000+ duplicates.

I am not sure on how to safely delete duplicates at the application level.

Do you know why the duplicates get created? I think this should be the issue you should be addressing instead of the symptom.

Currently, there is no way to hide people except by either:

  • deleting the doc
  • changing the doc so as to make sure it doesn’t “belong” to the contacts list anymore. This can either be by changing the type or lineage property.

Yes, we do, we know the issue we had.

We are preloading information from our old Medic called CHAMP, and it has a lot of duplicates, and most of our data are coming from that one to use as a preload data. So, we are focusing on the medic_id, we forgot that medic_id is generated differently even it has the same name.

So that, if we have Name_1 and Name_1’s as duplicate, but on the medic_id was different, it was count as different person not a duplicate record.

And now, to our newest update Medic which is the Flourish, we do have the same data with the champ, we also added the duplicates from there accidentally.

Right now, it was addressing so much on the development side and the data side that thing should be resolve immediately, but we are not sure about deleting it.

I am seeing the moving-contacts medic function to create a specific account / community / person / area that will hold all the duplicates OR

update some forms from the contact to edit specific field and once they update it and save, it will gonna hide / show based on the result from the edited profile.

We have this hierarchy

  • area
    – branch
    — cluster
    ---- mentor
    ------ the community
    --------the household
    ---------- person

so, I do the delete doc at the “the_household”, at the couchdb and was successful. But, the “person” is still there, It was not deleted the associated hierarchy under.

So, deleting the doc was still okay, right? unless we delete the correct docs?

For changing the type or lineage property, is that okay to be corrected under the couchdb edit function ?

We cannot do anything on the duplicates anymore, because it was there after we preload the data.

We are now finding the solution to clean those duplicates, by deleting, hiding, etc.

I would recommend deleting. There might be a chance where you end up orphaning documents, so before each delete, make sure that all reports that are about that person get “transferred” to the person you want to keep.

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Thank you @diana ,

I will gonna create a process as a requirements on my team to be followed when deleting a contact.


For this one,

How can I setup this one to be deleted?

Yes, we can delete contacts and their type will gonna be “tombstone”, but what about higher on that?
Is that even possible? Can delete on the app, but the information was still there for future records.

Any suggestions on this one?

Hi @Marcelo_De_Guzman

The logged in user is not allowed to delete their own place. This is expected.
I would suggest you write a script to delete all duplicate contacts and not use the app for it.

What about the higher level than the logged in user, like an admin?

For that one, that is only for chw user.

I think using a script is better than using the app. Then you don’t need to worry about which user you’re logged in with.