How to find CHT experienced developers?

Dear fellow CHT community members

Would folks be interested in sharing their experiences looking for developers with experience working in CHT? We are currently developing a CHT-based eHealth app and would like to bring on someone that can support us with the programming side of the process, but have had a hard time finding this resource. Has anyone else also been searching for CHT experienced programmers? Any thoughts or new ideas to share with us?

Thanks in advance for time and interest
Steve McCrosky

Hi Steve,

Thanks for creating this topic. A few questions that I think are relevant to this conversation:

  • Are you looking to recruit only someone who has existing CHT development expertise/experience? (from the post, I assume yes)

  • Are you recruiting within a specific region/geography?

  • What are the specific challenges you are experiencing? for example, not enough people applying or the people applying don’t have the technical competencies you hope for.

Some of my thoughts on this:

  • Some documentation exists on helpful background skills to look for. Medic and others have used these to recruit successful CHT application developers in different regions.

  • The job boards you post to are also a determinant. Depending on the region, there are job boards that are popular with developers that would be great to post to. LinkedIn, ICT4D, IHub (for Kenya), ReliefWeb, are a few that come to mind.

@cfeld @derick or others might also have some insights to share on this.

Hi Samuel

Thanks for responding! To answer your initial questions:

  • yes, we are hoping to find someone with direct CHT experience
  • the project is located in Lesotho while some of us are also in Switzerland, we are open to any geographic area but a developer from Lesotho or SSA would be a bonus
  • our initial posting led to some applicants but none that demonstrated CHT experience. Having this up front would allow us to learn from their experience rather than using our resources to bring someone up to speed.

Thanks very much for the link, we have found it helpful. I will follow up with the job boards you mentioned and will see if I can connect with @cfeld and @derick

All the best

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