How to delete users in CHT

Now, that you told me that, is it possible to delete users?

Hi @raf! There isn’t a way to delete users using cht-conf, but you can use the admin console.

@jkuester let me know if I’ve missed any other way to do it.

The admin console is the best way that I know how to delete users.

One thing to keep in mind with all of this is that in the CHT there is technically a difference between a user and their associated contact. Meaning, if you delete the user from the admin console, their contact (if they had one) will still exist as a part of the location hierarchy. The reverse is also true so that if delete the contact associated with a user it will not remove the user.

Also, it is worth noting that usernames cannot be reused (even after a user is deleted).

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Dear both, thank you.
Yes, I know about the difference between a user and a person.

I was just wondering what happens to the database entries, when a user is deleted. What will be standing in the reports, who submitted those, once the item is deleted?

My understanding is that reports are linked to the contact for the user that submitted them. So, if you remove a user, but leave the contact, then all the data surrounding the reports should remain intact (and a new user could be assigned to the old user’s contact).

I am less familiar with what happens when you delete a user’s contact

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