How to add the group_summary section of the form?

@mrjones ,
I’ve managed to add forms to our cht app. However I need some guidance on how to add the group_summary section of the form. I’ve not managed to get guidance material that shows how this is added. Any links or hint on how this is done done will be helpful.
Thank you.

Hi @ewafula !

Thanks for your question. I think looking at an existing form that is known to work will be the easiest way to understand how the different parts of a form work.

I believe you’re asking about the summary group you see before submitting a form? Assuming yes, check out these three resources:

  1. the original .xlsx spreadsheet
  2. a screenshot of the worksheet, showing the relevant fields for a summary (see form.xlxs.png)
  3. a screenshot of the form in the CHT, showing what the rendered output will be (see form.rendered.png)

If I got any of this wrong - let me know!



Thank you @mrjones. This is very helpful.

Happy to help! If you get stuck again, please let us know so we can get you un-stuck :wink: