How to access parents summary information from an App form?

Hi everyone!

Suppose we have a Place A which keeps stock records in its contact summary.

In a form linked to Place A, to access the stock of Albendazol 200, we use the following calculation code: instance('contact-summary')/context/stock_monitoring_albendazol_200_qty and it works perfectly.

Under Place A, we have a household with many people.
My question is as follows:
In a form linked to a household member, how do I access the stock of Albendazol 200?

As you know:
instance('contact-summary')/context/stock_monitoring_albendazol_200_qty wouldn’t work, because it would mean searching for that quantity on that household member’s contact. summary

Unfortunately, there is no way (that I know of) to access the contact-summary of a different contact.

Calculating the contact-summary is a pretty expensive operation (in terms of time/compute) but I feel like we keep running into more and more use-cases like yours where it would be very valuable to support this… :thinking: @diana do you have any other thoughts here, or perhaps should I log a ticket to request support for this?

I think that there were talks about somehow persisting the contact summary to disk. It was an unfleshed idea at the time, with lots of counter-arguments for it.
As it stands, I don’t believe it’s possible to access to contact summary of another contact.
Is there any way that you can persist certain fields or data across multiple contacts to help you achieve the same result?

@diana are there new updates on this use case?

Sorry @Japheth_Kiprotich
No new updates on this.