How Product support User program changes

Hello Team,

At a recent field visit activity, we learned that our partners are down-scaling the program (# of users) while intending to retain every bit of the coverage achieved so far (all households and associated records). Specifically, VHT devices were recalled, and in a bid to support the program re-design, they are now being re-issued with some interesting scenarios:

1 - VHT A, previous in village A, now has increased coverage, with new villages under them, B and C.
2 - VHT B, previously in Village B is now redeployed in Village D (inheriting a 1:1 mapping of the outgoing VHT)
3 - VHT C, previously in village C is now redeployed in Village F (and also inheriting village G and H, hence a 1:Many of areas that were under different VHTs, F, G and H).

We are finalizing mapping, so we know how to easily support server side actions but i wanted to check here to see if besides server-side reassignment, if there are any other tools/techniques/resources that would make this process seamless, and easier on the tech team at Guild, and the partner teams in the field.

Note: We previously disabled logout for VHT devices (to minimize accidental log outs) and now we need it back; and all the devices would need to sync first, for this to be available.

Looking for thought partners and/or tips/tricks/techniques.