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How can I restart sentinel?

Imported Question by marc · Nov 05, 2016 at 12:43 AM

With v0.4 we often get questions about forms getting facility not found errors despite having the phone number in the facilities table. This has often been due to sentinel* not working as expected and needing to be restarted. When I suspect sentinel is done, how do I restart it?

*Sentinel is a code module that assigns the facility name and schedule to a incoming report.

I have found the following steps to work, but there may be a better way.

SSH into the instance

ssh -p 33696 vm@{project_name}

Check the status of the services (optional)

sudo /boot/supervisor-info

Restart Gardener, which will in turn restart Sentinel

sudo /boot/svc-restart gardener

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We have some additional documentation on troubleshooting Sentinel, which should work up to 2.x.

@gareth, what is the best way to do this on 3.x infrastructure?

I think the 2.x method is still the way to do it, it’s just harder to SSH in than it used to be. This is set to change when we break Sentinel out into its own Docker container.


The big difference is that you don’t restart gardener anymore, you can just sudo svc-restart sentinel