How can a technical partner add new features on his CHT?

Message from one partner

We have purchased a server from a2hosting in order to deploy our own instance of CHT that we want to test on a site.

We want to customize the tabs and add some functionality that is not implemented by default and is useful for us specifically. So we did the development test on a local machine and it works fine locally. But I can’t find any documentation that guides us to push the development instance (the instance we modified) to the online production.

I would like to know if there is any documentation apart from , which can help us to put our own modifications in production


@Marina - Thanks so much for posting this question for the partner! The only way we know about problems the community is facing if folks let us know - the only way for us to solve them is to know about them :wink:

In this case, I suspect we’ll need to do some work to help out the partner. They no doubt are already using the development environment to prototype their customizations. This is indeed good for local development, but not suitable for a production roll out.

The main issue is that CHT is dependent on a build process, currently done thought GitHub actions. The result of these make CHT releases (as well as beta and branch builds) available via the admin interface. Ideally, we can work with the partner to integrate their changes into the next release. This way everyone can benefit from their improvements and it is easy to deploy. Integrating changes into the main project is our preferred solution in these cases.

If their changes are too bespoke for general use, we’ll have to look into another solution, possibly a local build process, to allow the partners customization to be run in production.

Please let us know what you think makes sense as a next step!

Hi @Marina ! Thanks for posting this :slightly_smiling_face: Curious to know what the desired changes are to the tabs and functionality; we’re going to be implementing a new version of the navigation so it would be helpful to take into any considerations or needs that partners are facing currently.

@kossi , are you able to give us an overview of the changes you made, this could help us know how to better support.