How best to generate daily tasks for a fixed time period?

What is the best way for configuring daily recurring tasks? We want to generate daily COVID 19 symptoms tasks for CHW to check with patients in a Home Based Care setting. CHT app with generate a task for the CHW and send an SMS reminder to the CHW to call the patient. Taks are expected to run for a maximum of 14 days or 24 days depending on the patient condition.

I am not sure if this issue if implemented, will make it easy to generate daily tasks


Hi Ronald, for SMS tasks and notifications you might find some helpful info in the Schedules tutorial and the SMS Workflows documentation. Instead of an ongoing daily task, you would instead set multiple messages as part of a schedule. For instance, based on your triggering report, you can call either your 14 message or 24 message schedule.

To clear or mute SMS notifications, a single report can clear the whole schedule with the clear_schedule trigger, or if you are expecting someone to clear subsets of messages you’ll want to consider harnessing the group field in your schedules.

If you run into challenges with the SMS notifications feel free to post again here so we can help you sort it out – it would also help us know where to further improve the documentation.