Getting unblocked after upgrading to 4.7.0

We upgraded to 4.7.0. I would appreciate your help getting unblocked.

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Hi @jschwab77 ,
Because of the issue in 4.7.0, it’s not possible to upgrade to 4.7.1 from the webapp like it was possible to do from 4.6 or previous versions. Upgrading to 4.7.1 depends upon how did you deploy your first deployment. If you used helm and you’ve the values from your initial deployment, you can just change the version to 4.7.1 and update.

Can you share how did you deploy your first CHT version?

It’s recommended that you take required backup before proceeding.

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Thanks, we will definitely backup before proceeding.

We were running 4.2.2 and wanted to upgrade but the webapp upgrade button was not working (it was stalling in “Indexing staged views”) so we upgraded using

docker system prune -a --volumes
curl -s -o docker-compose.yml
curl -s -o cht-core.yml
curl -s -o cht-couchdb.yml
docker compose up -d

as in App Developer Hosting in CHT 4.x | Community Health Toolkit

It looks like and still reference 4.7.0-alpha though.

Hi @jschwab77 , if you are following app developer hosting as you linked, I suggest the best way for you would be to edit cht-couchdb.yml and cht-core.yml and replace all 4.7.0-alpha by 4.7.1.

So before running docker compose up -d ensure all images reference 4.7.1 instead of 4.7.0-alpha on those two files.

That sounds good, thank you.