Funding Opportunity: Mobile Health - Technology and Outcomes in Low and Middle Income Counties Grants

I came across this opportunity. It might be of help to someone and thought it would be prudent to share. The deadline though is really close - August 2020.

The Mobile Health: Technology and Outcomes in Low and Middle-Income Countries Grants will help catalyze innovation through multidisciplinary research addressing global health problems and develop an evidence base for mHealth technology to improve health outcomes. NIH grant funding will be for two separate phases of mHealth Research:

  • $125,000 per year for R21 phase technology development and feasibility studies over two years
  • $200,000 per year for R33 phase validation, larger-scale feasibility, and effectiveness studies for three years.

All applicants must address both the R21 and R33 phases and are required to propose partnerships between at least one U.S. institution and one LMIC institution.

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