Form's styling in CHT

hello @jkuester @diana

looking into the task summary form styling below

how is the Patient details yellow color stretched from one end to another in the form spec? ie

Below is the form spec config i got from the cht-core form config and applied the same in my form

but it doesn’t display the same ie

wondering how this particular styling is done ?

For your summary page (the group that contains the n_patient_details_titile field), do you have summary included in the appearance column? Your appearance for the begin_group of the summary page needs to be something like: field-list summary.

thanks @jkuester
actually for my case i wanted to insert the yellow line not in the summary (wanted to borrow the styling), wanted to add it the beginning onf the form after a few labels as seen below

ideally after TSIS note label

Can you try adding summary to the call group (or whatever group currently has field-list set) even though it is not going to be the last page in the form? The summary appearance is what enables the custom CSS that you are looking for. I don’t know of any reason to say it has to be only be used for the last page int he form or anything like that. It is worth adding it and seeing if the layout of the page meets your expectations!

(If that will not work, we could try including some custom HTML right in the note labels, but that can get messy…)

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THANKS @jkuester ,

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