Fill a form without being authenticated (without logging in)

Is it possible to expose an app form to filled by a public user i.e. a user not currently logged in.

I am trying to implement a traveler’s health surveillance form to capture information at a point of entry i.e. airports and seaports for possible outbreak.

The short answer is, no, it is not possible for the CHT to accept a form submission without a logged in user. (Discussed a bit on this thread.)

For your use-case, though, if the actual data collection is happening on a specific set of devices (e.g. a tablet located at the PoE) then, in theory, you could just have a generic user with limited permissions logged in on the tablet. Then travelers could submit forms via that user.

That being said, the CHT UX has not really been designed for the “public kiosk” use case. You can lock down certain things for users (prevent logging out, hide certain tabs, etc), but in general it is probably not going to be ideal…

Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it. I am working on a temporary solution that involves building a small angular app that runs on the same domain as our app and collects the public data and update the replication postgres database with FHIR formated data.

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