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Feature removal proposal: Reporting Rates

Reporting Rates is one of the earliest features in the CHT Core Framework, however it has never been documented and consequently I know of no projects actually using it. Keeping it around is reducing app performance and slowing down development of new features, so if possible we’d like to remove it in the next version, v3.11.0. Before removing it I want double check that nobody is using it so upgrading won’t break a feature you’re relying on.

If configured, the feature shows in the Targets tab as an option in the dropdown called Reporting Rates. Selecting this navigates to a dashboard showing how many places have submitted a specific JSON form this week or month. To work out if your project uses it, check your app_settings.json for a kujua-reporting property which includes the code of a JSON form listed in the forms property.

Please let me know if you know of a project that may be using this feature!


@simon @brian @fatou @shreya this may be of interest to you or groups you work with!

Thanks @francesca! This may be more relevant for @philip @nitin @ranju and others. I’ll let them comment.

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Confirming from my end that this is not being used by any active project and is a feature we can remove (it can be covered by our in-app targets if needed).