Facility name is not showing when uploading from cht csv-to-docs

I was following the tutorial where we have to create a csv file with its name place.district_hospital.csv. Following is the sample of csv file fields.

TukiLogic East Facility
TukiLogic West Facility
TukiLogic North Facility
TukiLogic South Facility

After that I run cht csv-to-docs and it created json file with following code for all fields.

  "type": "district_hospital",
  "name": "TukiLogic North Facility",
  "_id": "5624f285-6b73-5288-abb7-f9dd9089ee04"

After this process next was to run cht --url=https://medic:password@localhost --accept-self-signed-certs upload-docs

Next, I logged in with medic account and the result was this:

All facility’s name was empty.

Hi @sagar.tukilogic,
Do you see any errors in the browser console?

Are you able to go to the Fauxton URL (https://<host>:<port>/_utils/) and find the document there? The default database should be medic. The full URL to your document above should look like this:


Although it should not cause the blank name issue, I noticed that your document is missing reported_date. Which tutorial are you following?

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Hi @binod ,
As you suggested, I browsed to localhost/_utils and under medic table I found that in district_hospital’s JSON file there was a red dot in name field. Not sure how it got here, but after manually removing all of these red dot’s from all of the files, all of the names are now showing.

Thank you !



That red dot represents a non-printing character. I checked your "name" field from the JSON snippet above, and there is this invisible character: U+FEFF (zero width no-break space).

You can check it here: Unicode Text Analyzer | FontSpace

The invisible character is probably there in the CSV header too.