Community Health Toolkit

Event Based Surveillance

Dear All,

We are in the process of implementing the CHT App, we have built and deployed a proof of concept app based on the Event-Based Surveillance workflow.

We have some questions and doubts, your assistance will be greatly appreciated as usual:

We are testing this workflow and this one

The setup

We have a Health Institution setup - Luisa Guidotti Hospital, with a Primary Contact - Dr Migani, with a Community Health Supervisor - Jonathan, with a Community Health Worker - Lumify - LGH

What is happening
Community Health worker Lumify-LGH is reporting a signal via SMS (using form 8). The signal report is successfully been created in the system. A confirmation SMS is been sent to Lumify-LGH. A new signal report message is also been sent to Lumify-LGH asking him to login into the CHT app and verify the report. No task is been created for the Community Health Worker Supervisor

Expected Behaviour
We expected the second SMS to go the CHW Supervisor advising them that the CHW has reported a COVID-19 signal. And task to be created for the Community Health worker Supervisor to verify the COVID-19 signal.


  1. How do you assign specific CHW to a specific CHW Supervisor? Do you create a new area, assign the CHW Supervisor as the primary contact, then move or create CHWs under the CHW Supervisor?

  2. In the EBS code where is the SMS form 8 created and defined?

  3. Is it possible to have CHWs are offline users online? If they are offline users online, will they have tasks created or do they need a system user account for tasks to be generated?

  4. What is the workflow for using the cha_signal_reporting form (form 8 seems not to have the 8 signals available with the cha_signal form)?

  5. usertype.crfo - what does this user do?

@Jonathan_Fernandes please add any items that I might have missed


Thanks @munjoma, I think you’ve summarised the main issues well and in much better technical jargon than I would have managed!

My questions I think would come once we have cleared up the above issues and are able to test the system properly


Thanks for the detail @munjoma ,

Straight to your questions,basing specifically on the EBS configuration,

  1. If you wanted to assign a specific supervisor to a chw assuming in the case of many supervisors within a level on the hierarchy directly above the chw place, and you need some level specificity in terms of which supervisor is supervising which chw you would update the chw places (for this configuration seems to be clinic) with an entry of supervisor uuid . Doing this one by one is a bit hectic and this -> provides for a way to do bulk updates to docs.

  2. The form 8 is defined in the forms section of app_settings.js

"forms": {
   "8": {
     "meta": {
       "code": "8",
       "translation_key": "form.8.title"
     "fields": {},
     "public_form": false,
     "use_sentinel": true
  1. The terminology around offline and online on the CHT could be a little bit different than the actual sense of always offline @moderators can link to any terminology page. But my guess is that, if you looking at equivalent of tasks send through sms , these can be defined in schedules with other conditions and they can be sent to CHWs. IF you meant offline in the sense of ability to run the cht in offline mode on an android application, then its still possible by creating a task definition on tasks.js

  2. The cha_signal_reporting has a select_one signal_type that references the 8 in the list of choices.

  3. My hunch is that , that is a Regional field officer, perhaps supervising more than one of your highest unit in the hierarchy.

I hope this helps.