Error when creating Condition Cards

Hello, I am getting the error below when I follow this tutorial on how to create condition cards.
error ‘getNewestReport’ is not defined no-undef
error ‘assessmentForms’ is not defined no-undef
Below is my contact-summary.templated.js file:

Hi Esther,

This is a linting error thrown because the two variables (getNewestReport & assessmentForms) are not defined before being used. The guide is meant to be a high level explanation of how the contact summary works.

For a fully functional example of contact summary, check out cht-pih-malawi-app/contact-summary.templated.js at main · medic/cht-pih-malawi-app · GitHub


Thanks @elijah , I defined the variables and this worked. I will add a couple of things on the documentation to ensure nobody else gets stuck.