Error loading form

When we introduced new more detailed forms, a task suddenly doesn’t get triggered anymore even though all the conditions are met based on the correct outcome variables (calculates) in the form. And even stranger, when we want to edit the report we get an error (see screenshot). All other forms still work and can be edited. And if we replace this new form with an older (more simpler) version the task logic works as well.

Does anyone have an idea why this could occur?

So, when you submit the new version of the form, the report with the expected data is created correctly, but the expected task is not triggered (and you get a 404 error when trying to edit the newly created form). Is that correct?

It would be really helpful to have the before and after versions of the form (or an example form that presents the same behavior) to compare and try to further understand what is going on here!

Hi @cht-user

Does your form contain file upload fields? Can you please share which version of the CHT you are using?
Thank you!

Hi @diana

One form which also can’t be edited anymore does indeed contain a file upload field. However, other forms don’t and also can’t be edited. Our CHT version is 3.17.0

Thanks for the response, @cht-user

Do you get any errors when trying to submit new reports using the new forms?
@jkuester is right, sharing the form source code would be useful.

@diana @jkuester
Thank you for your help! We were able to solve the problem. It was indeed due to file upload fields in the forms (which we only now realized existed in all forms which had the problem).

Hi @cht-user

Thanks for the update!
Failing to edit forms that have empty binary (upload) fields is a known issue: Can't edit forms that have empty "binary" fields · Issue #7530 · medic/cht-core · GitHub