ENTOFOUND error on cht-conf call with CHT Docker Helper 4.x

I am running the following command:

cht --url=https://medic:password@192-168-192-16.my.local-ip.co:10451 --skip-git-check --skip-validate

I am getting the following error:

My docker container is running fine and I can access the localhost URL. As you can see from the error, there is a reference to “replace_user”. How is that related to the command I am running and how can I fix this?

@iesmail - The ENTOFOUND is what is important I think, not the replace_user part. Unfortunately I’ve seen the DNS server for *.local-ip.co domains occasionally fail. It’s REALLY frustrating because it seems to happen randomly and lead you to believe there’s other problems with your app when there aren’t.

The fix is one of two options:

  1. Try again ; )
  2. Make an hard coded entry in your /etc/hosts file.

I often end up doing the 2nd one. Here’s the steps I’d take. Use which ever editor you’re comfy with in step 1 (though I feel vim is the best, obviously :wink: ):

  1. sudo vim /etc/hosts
  2. add a new entry on it’s own line:      192-168-192-16.my.local-ip.co
  3. save and retry the cht-conf call

thanks for the clear instructions, @mrjones.

@iesmail - for sure! Let us know if you hit any other issues.