Community Health Toolkit

Engaging the CHT Community: EBS Learning Session

As a follow-up to the Community Health Toolkit development demo application for Community Event-Based Surveillance, which we covered in this post, Medic Mobile is holding a series of Learning Sessions to discuss COVID use cases with members of the CHT community.

In our first Learning Session, co-led by @kenn, we focused on design and implementation considerations for Event-Based Surveillance in the context of COVID. Our attendees spanned partner organizations, including representatives from BRAC, D-Tree, and others, as well as Medic Mobile staff members across our Partnerships, Delivery, Product, App Services, and Research & Learning teams.

There are multiple community partners evaluating, designing, building, or operating Event-Based Surveillance (EBS) systems built on the CHT as part of their COVID response. The goal of this first session was to bring representatives from each project together to share a brief overview of their system requirements and design approach so we can better understand how the proposed systems are similar/different, and if opportunities exist to collaborate. We’d like to share our takeaways and next steps.


  • Deployment requirements are often dictated by country-specific MoH partners and vary from location to location - and may change over time as triage protocols evolve during COVID

  • Available telecom infrastructure and the use of feature phones vs. smartphones has implications on design, development, and deployment of an EBS workflow

  • Early engagement on service design, including diagrams of C-EBS and H-EBS workflows, form fields, and associated data structures are useful resources to share across the community

  • Continued engagement across partners and projects would be useful in order to learn from our successes and challenges in implementing and scaling EBS in the context of COVID

Next Steps

  • We will be holding a follow-up Learning Session in two weeks time and will post information on this thread!

  • We will proactively share service design resources and information on requirements with one another to learn about the different variations of EBS being developed on the CHT Forum

A huge thank you to everyone who participated and we look forward to continuing our learning together!