Does needs_signoff only work when there is an existing supervisor-supervisee relationship?

Manager → Supervisor → CHW → patient

Lets say the hierarchy is setup as above and the manager is online while the supervisor and CHW are offline.

The supervisor only replicates to CHW level and tasks for reports sent in by CHWs with needs_signoff are triggered. However, the manager also sends in patient reports when the patient visits the facility. With needs_signoff and the limited replication depth for supervisors, I would expect tasks to be triggered for manager reports but they aren’t. I’m hoping to use needs_signoff as a work around to forcing supervisors to replicate up to patient level. Is this a use-case supported by needs_signoff?

CHT version: 3.10.3

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hi @elijah

The way needs_signoff works is that the report emits upwards from the submitter, so that everyone above the submitter would get to see the report, regardless if they can see the report’s subject or not.
When emitting, we don’t have access to anything else except submitter lineage, unfortunately.

In your case, when the manager submits the needs_signoff report, the emissions are for: the manager himself, the manager’s parent and lineage AND the patient.
Supervisors don’t see the manager, or any of their lineage or the patient, so there is no way this report makes it to them. It should make it to the CHW, who sees the patient.

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To summarize, needs_signoff makes a report replicate upwards in the hierarchy, not downwards.

Got it, thanks for clarifying. This sounds like something the CHT should support so that users won’t be forced to increase replication depth while only a few reports are relevant.