Community Health Toolkit

Documentation on when particular telemetry metadata information was made available

I’m exploring Community Health Toolkit 's user telemetry through this really helpful document.

On performance data section, it was really helpful to know whether my version of CHT has particular field available or not since there’s an information from which version this information was added. However, there were some metadata fields unavailable on the version I am using, and it’d be great to see when any particular metadata field was available in metadata section.

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Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve created a PR to add the versions to the metadata section.

In summary, most fields were added in 3.4.0 when the telemetry feature was launched. The versions property was added in 3.5.0. The deviceInfo section was added more recently in 3.8.0 but note that it is only captured when running in the medic-android app, not when running in the browser.

Update: The PR has been merged so you can see the metadata versions in the docs.