Community Health Toolkit

Documentation for role permissions

On the Roles & Permissions page in the Admin App, there are a few dozen different permissions. Many of them are named in a way that is quite clear but one in particular I’m curious about is the can_create_records permission and how it relates to all the other can_create_xxx permissions.

Also, I’ve looked in medic-docs and haven’t been able to find any documentation on the different permissions. Does this exist somewhere already?


Version 3.8.0 of the Core Framework will include a description for each permission on the administration page which will help (issue).

The descriptions of the can_create_ permissions are…

can_create_people: Allowed to create new people.
can_create_places: Allowed to create new places.
can_create_records: Allowed to access the APIs to create reports.
can_create_users: Allowed to create users.